Looking for a Therapist?

Below is a list of Therapists that we are happy to recommend. They are all therapists that deliver their therapy in a flexible, person-centred way.

By "recommend" we mean we believe each therapist listed below is

  • Fully qualified and competent in their respective treatment modality
  • Is a member of a relevant regulatory body
  • Engages in Continuous Professional Development
  • Subscribe to the TSHP ethos of supporting and enabling you to take as much responsibility for your own health and well-being as you can
  • Will offer their skill, experience and knowledge to enable you to support yourself.

What we DO NOT MEAN:

  • That any of the therapists listed below will be the right one for you - only you can make that decision by talking directly with the therapist.
  • That therapy with any of the therapists listed is guaranteed to solve all your problems
  • That we make any therapeutic claims over and above the therapist?s experience and training for their particular therapy.

Please remember that any treatment you have is on a consensual basis.


This list will be available shortly.

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