Patient or Service User Groups

We treat a range of patients through GP referral and many of the conditions we see are of the "hard to treat" category. These conditions range from musculo-skeletal problems to diseases like migraines, ME, MS and IBS. Often our patients have exhausted all other medical treatments by the time they are referred to us.

For example we see patients with post-operative complications or where surgery is not suitable because of age or infirmity. Also we often see patients with multiple health needs or patients who have long term stress and associated mental and emotional problems which play a big part in maintaining or aggravating their conditions.

Through our evaluation and audit data over twenty years of practice we have shown consistent therapeutic results in terms of patient benefit, patient satisfaction and cost effectiveness as measured by standard outcome measures.

We would like to extend this service so that our work can reach a wider group of patients. We also want to move in the direction of prevention and self-care where appropriate, backed by education and training.

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