GPs and other Health Professionals

We have delivered community therapy services for GP practices in Merseyside for the last twenty years with consistently high levels of therapeutic benefit, patient satisfaction and cost-effectiveness.

Our patient profile has been chronic, complex patients with musculo-skeletal problems or stress related health issues.

The new era of healthcare will undoubtedly be full of challenges; there will also be opportunities to develop community based models that are responsible, accountable and responsive to local need. With our unique expertise TSHP can help turn these opportunities into reality. We are also interested in developing acute services for non-emergency conditions.

We wish to work with:

  • Local GP practices or groups of practices - to develop clinical care pathways that are both clinically effective and sustainable
  • Service users - to offer increased patient choice and enhance levels of patient engagement in managing their health problems.

We would like to talk to you about developing and delivering joint projects that reduce your case-load of hard to treat patients and offer greater treatment choice and healthcare opportunities for your patients.

If you or your colleagues are interested or engaged in developing additional ways of meeting local health needs and you feel that our particular expertise could be part of your service mix please get in touch with us.

We can also offer short comprehensive presentations of our services or brief live demonstrations of our treatments.

Go to our resources section for our leaflets in PDF format and other information and articles about our activities.