Work-related Conditions

Ms M, 38, a call centre worker for major bank experiences shoulder and neck pain when under work pressure, the affected area is the site of an old whip-lash type injury. After the initial treatment sequence she now requires intermittent treatment to deal with flare-ups, which have got less and is now on a bi-monthly maintenance programme to deal with emergencies, prevent relapses and consolidate the treatment gains. Through teaching her self-treatment methods she can now notice early warning signs of a flare-up and take early preventative action to enable her to cope with the strains associated with her work.

Miss H, 41, Job Centre worker, suffering from job related postural strain in right shoulder. Through soft-tissue work, remedial exercises, and consideration of her work station she has gained relief and insight into the postural and stress patterns that has aggravated the mechanical strain in her shoulder and is better able to deal with them without the use of pain-killers. She is now on a bi-monthly maintenance programme to consolidate the gains and to enable early intervention in the event of further episodes.