Long-term Degenerative Conditions

Mrs T, 58, a slightly overweight housewife, diagnosed sciatic pain, sarcoidosis, migraine, and acid reflux (which are managed with a cocktail of drugs) has periods of low back and hip pain. She was also experiencing stress from noisy neighbours, harassment at work, and was the main carer for her husband. She experienced relief from soft-tissue treatment which also helped her general stress levels. She is now on a monthly maintenance programme that keeps her symptoms manageable.

Mrs M, 71, retired cleaner and very active lady, referred with osteoarthritis in her neck with periodic flare-ups, when first seen had very limited movement in neck with associated pain and fear of movement. She responded well to soft-tissue work and mobilisation and now has 60% normal movement, largely pain free and is able to manage flare-ups with more confidence through the exercises and advice about self-care. She has been stable now for 5 years and is on a bi-monthly maintenance programme.