Non-Emergency Minor Musculo-Skeletal Pain

Mr H, 57, a warehouse manager, presenting with a painful foot diagnosed as 'peripheral neuropathy' and being unsuccessfully treated with painkillers. However, the pain had got to the point of affecting his ability to work. On examination he had severe muscle imbalances throughout the leg and foot on his affected side. By treating the muscle imbalance, structural deformity and associated nerve impingement, and teaching him exercises to relieve the load-bearing pressure on his feet he now experiences longer pain free periods and is able to work with greater comfort and is more confident about continuing his work and enjoying family holidays which involve walking distances.

Mrs L, 58, a local vicar and keen walker had had groin pain for several years and was being treated unsuccessfully with anti-inflammatories. Soft-tissue treatment, mobilisation and remedial exercise helped ameliorate the pain and restore full functionality to the area and through teaching her some self-healing methods she better understands the mechanisms of the injury and how to handle re-occurrences.