Re-Occuring Old Injury Pattern

Mr W, 4o, a university administrator, suffering from an old rib injury damaged whilst ice skating, had had 15 years of intermittent pain. Through soft tissue treatment of the intercostals muscles and local muscles the pain was relieved. The injury had episodes corresponding to periods of occupational stresses and attendant postural strain reactivating the affected area. Combining soft-tissue work with advice about posture and exercise to relieve compression on the tissues affected helped Mr W manage the condition more effectively.

Mr S, 48, martial arts practitioner, had suffered an undiagnosed low back injury 8 years prior to being referred. From being a very fit man, his injury had given him periods of severe pain and weakness in his legs, rendering him incapable of leaving his home unaided. Also he had had at times some attendant bowel problems. Somehow his condition had escaped medical diagnosis and treatment and the only remedy he had been offered was painkillers. At the time of his initial consultation he was very restricted in his activities. After 4 sessions of non-specific soft tissue treatment to the affected areas he gained leg strength and was able to resume light training.