We have been professionally involved in community research, health evaluation and audit for over 35 years. One of the many shortcomings of research in this area is the lack of transmission and dissemination of good practice and the predominance of certain styles of research that artificially stifle the development of good practice.

We want to encourage and facilitate the deliberate development of many more local small scale projects. This would allow us to not only test diverse programmes of community health but also engage users, providers and commissioners in a generative cycle of good practice based on evaluation. The results of such projects would in turn help establish standards and drive full scale research (both locally and nationally) that address issues of effectiveness, safety, cost-saving and long-term community benefit.

Sadly those standards have not yet been established and it requires a different form of research agenda - unbiased by vested interests - to develop these new protocols and measures. Whilst good models of standardised holistic measures do already exist, they need to be more widely used as industry standard to enrich the evidence base of community health research and practice. We want to be part of that movement for the betterment of sustainable healthcare.