We have worked within many organisations around issues of developing new health strategies: inside private corporations like BT on issues of stress management and staff support, within the public sector, particularly the education system on staff support and pupil health, and also within the voluntary and community sector on developing sustainable models of community healthcare.

Our expertise on these issues is unique and encompasses twenty years of establishing benchmarks of national best practice in integrated healthcare, and identifying exceptional case studies demonstrating the possibilities of change from within public health systems.

Within the public health sector we have witnessed a difficult cultural conundrum in which the sector is often the victim of too much change being somewhat arbitrarily imposed from without, coupled with a resistance to change from within. We feel this has produced a somewhat embattled mentality within many public health organisations, who struggle to find a creative stance to the issues they are being confronted with.

Consequently, in our experience the culture within public health is not conducive to the kind of deep reflective process and practices that are needed to address the cumulative problems that have grown up within the system. There seem to be very few opportunities for unhurried collective consideration and deliberation about the future of health services, or thinking 'outside the box' in a creative, generative and responsible way.

We feel we are in a position to assist the process of addressing these cumulative pressures (mounting clinical need, reduced resources, ecological imperatives) and the need to find new ways of engaging populations and individuals in their own healthcare in an open-ended, creative and sustainable way.

"I cannot get this kind of input anywhere else"
Project Manager with Halton Health Action Project