Our delivery team has extensive experience and knowledge of working within the public health system, third sector organisations and private practice.

We have worked with a range of patient groups with complex health needs and would see our work as either complementary to mainstream provision, or as part of inter-disciplinary working with a range of patient groups that often struggle to get adequate support within increasingly pressured public health services.

Our areas of special interest are:

  • musculo-skeletal conditions
  • long term degenerative conditions
  • pre-operative assessment and treatment
  • care of post-operative complications
  • stress illness
  • pain relief
  • low level mental health problems
  • mind-body approaches to well-being
  • areas where medical diagnosis is uncertain or inappropriate like many of the 'life-style' diseases and hard-to-treat 'syndromes' that defy any easy diagnosis or treatment e.g. ME, IBS, tension headaches etc.

Underpinning all our work is the recognition of the importance of the social context of health and healing. E.g. Our experience suggests it is often the social isolation of long term health problems that causes depression and low mood, not the primary condition itself. Our treatment programmes and models therefore fit within psycho-social models of health - promoting self-help we facilitate self-empowerment. By delivering healthcare within a context of mutual support and personal discovery can help address not only the primary condition but also any secondary mental health problems of long-term ill-health.

We can offer support for health authorities (PCT's, GP Consortia or individual fund-holding practices) to

  • design referral criteria for patients into complementary treatment
  • design triage systems to route patients to the most appropriate care programme
  • develop individual therapy packages and care pathways for their patients
  • assess the benefits of holistic care for their patients

We can help community groups design therapy programmes for their members.

We can help patient groups and service users identify appropriate treatment regimes for their members.

We can help individual patients make informed decisions about meeting their health needs.

Therapy can be offered on an individual basis or within the context of group work and support, where the boundary between therapy and training can be creatively explored within community support projects.

Also we work in the area of individual, family and community support and well-being which can be targeted around specific problems like behaviour difficulties, bullying and harassment, sexual health and parenting.