Our Directors

Dennis Donnelly

I have been involved professionally with research, teaching and practice in Community Renewal since 1972. My interests took me towards health as a key issue in community well-being, and I have been working since 1985 on the ideas and practice of Community Health.

I have degrees in Psychology, Occupational Psychology, and Political Science and I have full professional qualifications in a number of therapeutic disciplines including Osteopathy, Body-Psychotherapy and Remedial Massage. I have published in the professional Journals of Complementary Medicine and Osteopathy. I am an approved practitioner for The Arthritic Association, BUPA, AXA PPP Healthcare and PruHealth.

As well as running my own private clinics in Osteopathy and Body-Psychotherapy I have pioneered the issue of access to Integrated Healthcare within the NHS and developed innovative Community Health training projects with a range of colleagues across Merseyside.

Creating The Sustainable Health Partnership CIC has been an important step in consolidating my work over the last 30 years.

Lucy Holbrook

I offer consultancy and training in Embodied Relationships for Learning and am developing a private practice as a Body-Mind therapist.

What interests me more and more is how our bodies and brains work, the links between them and how to understand both of them better. Our deepest learning is that which links most closely to real life and our own subjective experience. An aspect of this experience we often overlook is the emotional one which we may or may not be conscious of. My approach therefore focuses on the link between our feelings, our thinking, and the impact this has on our behaviour choices.

For me, awareness of self and other is a key capacity that not only underpins personal (and organisational) effectiveness and resilience, but also our capacity to change. This is as relevant to how we learn in an educational context as it is in the context of healthcare and taking responsibility for our own health.

I draw on findings from recent neuroscience, together with a range of pedagogies that include Body Psychotherapy, Postural Integration (PI), Protective Behaviours (PBs), Building Learning Power (BLP), Philosophy for Children (P4C), Growth Mindset and The Progress Programme (Antidote).

I have a broad range of business management knowledge, skills and experience garnered from a varied career of some 25 years. Although currently self-employed I spent 10 years running Women's Enterprising Breakthrough, a charity supporting women with complex needs in the North End of Birkenhead. Prior to that I worked in the private sector for 10 years in finance and business skills training and have worked in several volunteering roles both in the UK and abroad.

I am an associate member of Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and my therapy practice is accredited by my affiliation to the Independent Practitioners' Network (IPN).