About Us

The Sustainable Health Partnership (TSHP) is a Social Enterprise formed by a group of therapists, practitioners, researchers and academics in 2010 to consolidate our collective experience of over 20 years of good clinical practice within the NHS and local communities.

During this time we have also delivered many successful community training projects enhancing personal, family and community self-care. The combination of community activities, training in self-care, and delivery of personal therapy is a powerful way to enhance personal and community care.

We wish to work with commissioners, GPs, GP Practices, Patient and Service User Groups and Community Organisations to develop innovative ways of addressing health needs in the community through best practice, evidence based approaches to health and well-being.

We have been involved with significant national projects including

  • Health Action Zone (HAZ) looking at health service innovation
  • National initiatives supported by the King's Fund and the University of Westminster
  • Clinical Governance for Complementary Medicine (CAM) supported by the Research Council for Complementary Medicine